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Extraordinary Frankincense

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Warm, clean, rich resin with a vast dominion of practical applications. There’s no doubt as to which oil we’re talking about: it’s the king of them all, Frankincense! Many cultures across the centuries have recognized the Boswellia sacra tree as a divine gift to be carefully handled and preserved for future generations. But to look at it, you may not know it; the tree’s peeling bark and tangled branches don’t immediately let on to the fact that something extraordinary flows within. These trees, which thrive on rocky slopes and southern coastal mountains, are native to Ethiopia as well as parts of Somalia, Oman, and Yemen.

Harvesters make shallow incisions in the bark of the Boswellia tree, allowing tear-shaped drops of resin to ooze out and harden. Then the delicate, crystallized tears are scraped off so they can go through the distillation process and become dōTERRA® Frankincense oil. It’s essentially a process of bleeding the tree and harvesting its teardrops that produces the King of Oils. What a reminder from this gift of the earth! Not only is beauty found within, but we should not be deceived by appearances; and beauty can ultimately flow from a wound. As you would expect, dōTERRA values sustainability and works closely with harvesters to protect this precious resource.

You may have heard it whispered, “When in doubt, use Frankincense.” But how could one oil possibly be so generally appropriate for use across the board in such a wide variety of situations? Frankincense promotes systemic health throughout the body, from balancing emotions to rejuvenating the skin, promoting sound sleep, and so much more. As wise men from the East clearly recognized in a world-famous historical account, Frankincense makes a valuable and practical gift.

Frankincense oil brings soothing effects to the cellular functioning of the body, both inside and out. Here are a few startup ways to work the king of oils into your day: rub your hands and feet with Frankincense, giving special treatment to those cuticles and nail edges. These sensitive areas will really benefit from the added health and strength, especially in tough, dry conditions. Adding a few kingly drops to your favorite lotion does the trick, as does adding them to other skincare regimens, from shaving to moisturizing.

Fill the air with the seasonal treasure of Frankincense nested within the following diffuser blend, which calls to mind the warmth and spice of a very special night.

Star of Wonder

• 1 drop Frankincense

• 1 drop Sandalwood

• 2 drops Grapefruit

Notice the one solitary drop of Frankincense in that blend? Yes, it’s that valuable that I would recommend using it in as modest an amount as possible. This oil is so powerful that a little really goes a long way.

In certain times and places, Frankincense has even been considered more costly than gold. Soothing, beautifying, calming, and supportive, the royal resin seems to leave nothing out of its dominion. Once a year, dōTERRA makes this precious oil more accessible through a special promotion. For this month only, the gift of timeless Frankincense is made especially affordable, putting something extraordinary right at your fingertips. For beauty both within and without, twist open the royal resin of Frankincense.