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Calm and Bright DIYs

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It’s mid-December and we’re ramping up to Christmas Day. If you’re super into the holiday spirit, you may even be spritzing your Christmas tree with those delicious dōTERRA® fir oils you recently received in the mail! Amidst this holiday hubbub, my hope is that you’re experiencing some true relaxation this season. Sure, it’s wonderful to give and receive gifts; but while material things won’t last forever, relationships will.

On that note, there are many ways you can actually give the gift of relaxation to those around you. You could offer to babysit for some tired parents, giving them the gift of a silent night, or participate in group caroling at a nursing home to bring joy to their world. The possibilities to bless others are endless, and dōTERRA makes it easy to create heartfelt, soothing gifts to spread with cheer this season!

It’s time to gather some supplies to make a couple of last-minute gifts. Let’s make ornaments and candles, both of which will only require a few items found online or at your local craft store, along with your chosen essential oils. This first DIY unites a festive Christmas ornament with an oil-laced Epsom salt bath! It will adorn the tree of the recipient until they’re ready to use it to create a luxurious bath experience. All they have to do is remove the ornament top and pour the contents into the tub. You can really enjoy customizing the colors and aromas within each ornament for those special people on your Christmas list.

To make dōTERRA Bath Salt Ornaments, you’ll need:

• Round plastic ornaments

• At least 1 cup Epsom salt, or more depending on size and amount of ornaments to fill

• Dried herbs, flower petals, and skin-safe colorants, if desired

• 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils

Mix needed amount of Epsom salt in bowl and add some skin-safe colorant, if desired. For more color, texture, and aroma, add dried herbs or flower petals to the mix. Next, drop in your essential oils and mix well. Add bath salt to each plastic ornament until full, then replace ornament top. When ready to use, just add desired amount of mixture to a warm bath.

I know what some of you are thinking: storing an essential oil in plastic? Wouldn’t glass be better? Well, glass Christmas ornaments are literally a touchy subject; just ask anyone who’s ever cleaned up a shattered one. Plastic or glass, these ornaments make lovely gifts and would be a blast to make together with friends.

Receiving an aromatic candle for Christmas is heartwarming. How wonderful to create and gift your own naturally scented candles, without having to think twice about irritating chemicals or where the fragrances originated. The homemade fir-scented candles below can take on a variety of shapes, sizes, and aromas according to your holiday wishes. First, decide if you want to dress up your candle using earthy elements and colors. If so, set up your crafting area with an array of organic items such as pieces of pine cones, citrus fruits, cranberries, bits of branches, etc. Let your imagination lead the way! These items should be arranged in the empty jar before any coconut oil is added.

For our Balsam Fir Jar Candles, we’ll need:

• Lamp wicks (available at craft stores)

• Small to medium sized mason jars with lids

• Coconut oil (regular, not Fractionated Coconut Oil)

• 10 drops Balsam Fir, or another dōTERRA fir oil

After any organic decorations are in place, begin by filling mason jar almost to the top with coconut oil. Once nearly filled to the brim, add Balsam Fir and/or other oils. Drill a small hole into the top of the jar lid. Carefully slide lamp wick through hole, making sure most of the wick will stay inside jar. Replace and tighten lid, then enjoy the homemade fir candle sitting in the palm of your hand! Safety note: be careful when working with the lamp wicks. Crafters old and new can make these candles, just be sure to do your research or ask a craft store employee for tips regarding wick size.

These jar candles will light up the night beautifully with crisp, airy Balsam Fir oil. Just imagine them beside a bathtub filled with warm water and a swirl of ornamental, aromatic bath salt! I hope these DIY gift ideas inspire you to give relaxing gifts from the heart, and that you’ll find yourself able to experience these words from a beloved Christmas song: all is calm, all is bright.