• The date was 9/11… I was in the Pentagon…

    I was in the Pentagon in Center Court, when I heard a plane accelerate. Knowing about the Twin Towers, I knew exactly what was happening. I just stood there and heard and felt the plane hit the building, a huge fireball went up and over and the smell of jet fuel was in the air. That day radically changed my life. Anxiety and fear were to be my constant companions. But I found a natural solution that would change my life forever and I could kick those “companions” to the curb!


    Hi, my name is Dee Hendrix.


    As someone that has suffered with anxiety, I have found a way, with the help of others, to help myself naturally using Certified Pure Tested Grade (CPTG) Oils.


    Believe me, I know the struggle is real!


    I am offering you the same opportunity to help yourself, while I coach you through those things that are holding you back. Helping you to recognize the potential within yourself to release and replace those feelings using essential oils to get back to the enjoyment of everyday living with your loved ones and friends
    Rome wasn’t built in a day, and there is no day like today to start.

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    Balance & Serenity

    Sample Set #1

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    Adaptiv & Citrus Bliss

    Sample Set #2

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