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Two Fruity How-tos

· Essential Oils
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A crisp, chilled beverage has rounded out many a meal and enhanced many a social event. It’s also a temptingly blank canvas to dress up and turn into a flavorful creation that steals the show. Let’s chill out with an easy how-to for making your own fruity essential oil ice cubes, as well as something sweet to munch on while you sip your nicely iced beverage.

Water in its frozen state invites creativity! From colorful twists to surprising flavors, you can really spice up what would otherwise be a common drink. First, compile your grocery list: you’ll need 1 package raspberries, 1 package strawberries, 1 lemon, 1 lime, 1 orange, 1 grapefruit, and a selection of basil and mint leaves. From your guarded and prized dōTERRA® stash, grab White Grapefruit, Lemon, Wild Orange, and Lime. By now, you’re already tasting the citrus explosion about to be unleashed!

Here’s how to make your Fruity Ice Cubes:

First, cut your chosen fruit into small pieces and place them into a metal or silicon ice cube tray. Choose fruit based on desired color, flavor, or what is organic and in season! Add 1-2 drops essential oils per ice cube slot, then add dried basil or mint leaves as garnish if desired. Add water, and place tray into freezer. Once the cubes are completely frozen, treat your guests - or just yourself - to these delightfully delicious beverage additions.

Let’s consider some of the many possibilities for fun flavor combinations! We can start with a good old fashioned Lemon and Lime mix: a slice of lemon with a dash of dōTERRA Lime, or a slice of lime with a dash of Lemon oil - do you think your taste buds could detect the difference? Enjoy mixing and matching fruits with flavors and seeing what you come up with. The original idea of making fruity ice cubes together could easily turn into a memorable event with family or friends as you enjoy a fun time around a simple pleasure.

Other ideas for your creative consideration include include Strawberry or Raspberry with Lemon, Lime with mint leaves, or White Grapefruit oil with basil leaves. As is usually the case with an activity like this one involving personal selections, you’ll get a taste of everyone’s personality; and we all know that those come in varieties far exceeding the limited ice cube possibilities.

We don’t want to leave you out, Wild Orange - we have a special use for you! It’s a sweet dip to make sure none of that delicious fruit we bought for the ice cubes has a chance to go bad. To make Creamy Fruit Dip you’ll need:

2 (8 ounce) packages low-fat cream cheese

1 cup vanilla yogurt

½ cup honey

2 drops Wild Orange

Mix all ingredients in a decorative bowl, and enjoy with fruit.

Isn’t this an ideal time for us all to let something as simple as a glass of water refresh us in a totally new way? Chill out with some of your favorite people and these fruity, flavorful dōTERRA treats