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The Princess of Neroli

· Essential Oils
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From the bitter orange tree comes not one, not two, but three different oils: one from the fruit peel, one from the leaves, and one from the flowers. But the essential oil which distills from the delicate white flowers of this tree has a unique and alluring history. To take it all in requires a trip – well, in our imaginations, at least – to Egypt, where dōTERRA® sources this oil. It’s the perfect time of year to make a visit, because the time window for harvesting the flower lasts only from mid-March to the end of April. You’re about to become an expert on the origins and uses of Neroli!

How did the blossom of a bitter orange tree come to be known by an exotic name like Neroli? The fascinating story behind the name has to do with a certain Italian princess who simply could not get enough of this oil. In seventeenth century Italy, the princess of a region known as Neroli was a woman named Anne Marie Orsini. She was quite taken by the oil of the orange blossom, which she found so distinctive and pleasant she was said to bathe in it. She was so enraptured by its essence that before diplomatic meetings she made sure to scent her dress gloves with it; this way, her presence would leave a lasting impression. Being a high-profile aristocratic woman of her day, she was a trendsetter for other women who soon followed her example. And that is how this strongly sweet and citrusy floral oil came to be known as Neroli.

An alluring addition to any collection of floral oils, Neroli is known for encouraging relaxation and uplifting the mood. Made available by dōTERRA in the form of Neroli Touch, which is delightfully quick and easy to apply to pulse points throughout the day, the rich floral scent is more accessible than ever. Focus on the wrists, neck, and sides of the forehead when applying Neroli Touch as a daily perfume. In keeping with the rest of the Touch collection, the roller bottle contains just the right amount of Fractionated Coconut Oil to dilute the Neroli. Just think of how the Princess of Neroli would have appreciated having such a handy way to enjoy her incredible oil!

Roll Neroli Touch onto skin that needs soothing. Its pleasant aroma can also calm the mind when feelings of anxiousness rise. Support digestive health by rolling Neroli onto the lower abdomen area in a gentle massage, or layer it into an aromatic massage of the feet or back along with another relaxing oil such as Lavender or Ylang Ylang. Combine Neroli Touch with one of your favorite breathe-easy oils, like Eucalyptus or Tea Tree, to support feelings of clearer respiration. To help ease occasional discomfort that accompanies tension and stress, roll a small amount of Neroli Touch onto the temples and massage gently for a few minutes.

Made popular by a princess centuries ago, Neroli still appeals. With the added benefit that much more is now known about its benefits to our overall well-being, we can easily use Neroli Touch to achieve a royal level of relaxation!