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Inspired by Melissa

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Whenever this warm, herbaceous, mood-boosting Mediterranean beauty enters the promotional spotlight, droves of dedicated oilers line up to possess it. It’s dōTERRA® Melissa, one of the rarest and most expensive oils due to its extensive range of benefits. First off, let’s establish that it’s a good idea to view your oil collection as a unique reflection of your own emotions, needs, and preferences. Aim to stock up with what you truly value. That being said, I am about to present you with some compelling reasons to consider adding valuable Melissa to your collection!

Sourced by dōTERRA in the lovely and rugged land of Bulgaria, Melissa essential oil is steam distilled from the dainty leaves and flowers of the Melissa plant, a short perennial that grows petite white flowers amidst edible leaves and is commonly known by the name lemon balm. It’s prized for its ability to support the whole person, both mind and body, and belongs in a time-tested historical lineup beside Frankincense. You may find yourself holding a small, valuable bottle of this liquid treasure in the palm of your hand, and feeling a bit paralyzed as to exactly what you should do with it. The purpose of this short treatise is to arm you with some knowledge to help you begin using this powerful oil to its fullest potential!

When you or a loved one are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, break out your Melissa oil to promote feelings of hopeful optimism, enabling you to experience more energy. Feelings of hope motivate us to connect meaningfully with those around us and to engage more actively in our areas of gifting and talent. Turn up the emotional energy and promote hope with this Melissa-based diffuser blend, which contains a restorative and powerful interplay between Melissa and those bright, inspiring citrus oils.


  • 3 drops Melissa
  • 3 drops Clementine
  • 1 drop Lime

Let this aromatic blend inspire some other creations with Melissa. How about a steaming cup of your favorite tea, enhanced with one drop of this powerhouse oil known for the sweet, citrus fragrance of the flower from which it is extracted? Adding Melissa’s inspiration to your tea time will delicately enhance both body and mind, along with the flavor of your tea. Given its soothing nature and ability to support general health, it’s no wonder that people in Europe during the Early Middle Ages under Charlemagne were actually ordered to grow Melissa in their herb gardens!

Topically, Melissa oil is the magic ingredient for an uplifting Instant Rejuvenation Facial. Simply fill a small spritz bottle with water and mix in a drop or two of the oil, remembering to use each drop wisely because it takes more than twenty pounds of Melissa flowers to fill one 5 mL bottle! Spray onto face and neck as needed for an instant facial. For more concentrated skin support, it’s Melissa to the rescue when you mix up Skin Soothing Balm. Combine a drop of precious Melissa with a small amount of coconut oil and shea butter. This beautiful, creamy blend can be applied liberally on areas crying out for comfort.

Melissa means undeniably more than the lovely girls’ name it might first bring to mind; it’s a gift from Bulgaria that has earned its historically prized reputation. With a bottle in your home, just think what else you’ll be inspired to create with sweet, highly esteemed, wellness-supporting Melissa.