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Golden Turmeric

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Turmeric, known as the “golden spice” that gives curry its color and health benefits, has a richstore of capabilities that cause it to glow in more ways than one. Our last post gave Turmeric a brief nod as the star of a creamy tea recipe, with a promise of more information to come. Well, if you’ve cooked with turmeric powder before, you’re already familiar with how it fills the meal with a rich, yellow hue. Now we’re about to explore a host of compelling reasons to experience dōTERRA® Turmeric, an essential oil that may just be worth its weight in gold.

Without even trying, turmeric has become quite trendy as of late. While recent scientificattention on curcumin, a chemical constituent of turmeric root, has pushed it into the spotlight, this is far from turmeric’s first taste of fame. This flowering herb, which grows throughout Southeast Asia, is connected to rhizomes and tubers (underground portions of the plant) that have been used in holistic health practices for millennia. Bright orange turmeric has been used for thousands of years; and dōTERRA oversees the harvesting and steam distillation of this savory root in the nations of India and Nepal, where much of turmeric’s rich history resides.

One thing that sets Turmeric oil apart from the store-bought spice is that the oil form increases potency of curcumin, making it easier for the human body to unlock this chemical’s superpower capabilities. Curcumin has been researched in multiple contexts, and let’s just say that it’s shown significant potential in so many areas that it merits attention for the support it lends to various systems of the body.

Place one or two drops of Turmeric essential oil into at least four ounces of water, spreading out that spicy flavor to make for a pleasant experience. Work this powerful drink into your day, and encourage your body to function optimally in the area of turning over what is consumed into what is burned. Speaking of flavor, you may want a clue of what Turmeric tastes like before dropping it into your mug or steaming skillet: it’s spicy, peppery, and subtle all at once. Picture Turmeric oil enhancing your eggs, rice, soup, and sautés. Get cooking with this bright, powerful oil, creating tantalizing dishes with the complementary additions of Ginger and Lemongrass. With so much potential for benefits when taken internally, the distinctive flavor of Turmeric is one to learn to incorporate regularly in the kitchen.

Emotionally, Turmeric is uplifting, promoting positivity and improving blue moods to more optimistic shades. I’m going to guess that a great many of us have never placed Turmeric in a diffuser before, so here are two blends to nudge us toward branching out and experiencing new aromas.


• 3 drops Turmeric• 2 drops Ginger• 1 drop Tangerine

Bright Yellow

• 3 drops Turmeric• 3 drops Lemon• 2 drops Frankincense

Of course, any dōTERRA oil known for its golden glow is also going to be right at home in the area of skincare. Use a diluted drop to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections and promote an overall glow. Yes, in addition to everything else it does, Turmeric has a knack for promoting clear, smooth, radiant-looking skin! Healthy skin and a healthy mood: they’re both key to feeling our best.

So is it really true that everything Turmeric touches turns to gold? We’ve covered ways to use it internally, aromatically, and topically. Now it’s up to you to decide if this golden compound is really worth its weight!