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Down to Earth with Ravintsara

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Revered and rare, when dōTERRA® Ravintsara is available by special promotion in your market, it’s time to take note. While you may have spotted this exotic oil nested within blends designed to promote feelings of clear breathing, chances are you’ve yet to own it as a single oil. To get a grasp on Ravintsara’s aroma, think earthy Eucalyptus, toned down and with a greener vibe. Now that an aroma is taking shape in your mind’s eye, we can further envision the nature and uses of Ravintsara essential oil, which distills from the glossy leaves of a Malagasy evergreen that grows abundantly wild in this wet tropical forest zone.

The ravintsara tree is enmeshed within the history of the African island nation of Madagascar, where people have rendered it great value and high regard for generations. Its name literally means “the tree with good leaves”; and these leaves have been long been used to create tea, purify spaces, and perform topical, aromatic, and even spiritual purposes. Ravintsara oil is actually stored in pockets within the tree’s waxy leaves, and not in the small white flowers or black berry-like fruits. It takes about one pound of ravintsara leaves to produce one 5 mL bottle of dōTERRA Ravintsara. Interesting to note is that the ravintsara tree actually came from the Far East; and when introduced to Madagascar, the plant adapted to the different soil and developed a slightly altered chemical composition. The ravintsara tree is highly adaptive, encouraging us to bloom right where we’re planted and let our surroundings change us in positive ways.

Ravintsara essential oil can help soothe anxious feelings with its fresh, uplifting energy. Use it to fill any room with its organic aroma through this delightfully green diffuser blend:

Ravintsara Rain

3 drops Ravintsara

2 drops Eucalyptus

2 drops Wild Orange

As you discover your own blends using Ravintsara, remember that this refreshingly rain-kissed oil also blends sweetly with Frankincense, Peppermint, Rose, Vetiver, and Wintergreen, among others. Ravintsara’s earthy nature pairs well with citrus, woody, and minty oils. Combine Ravintsara with Lavender to create a restful nighttime environment, especially when the sleeper is in need of special calming or perhaps needs to adjust to a new time zone following travel.

Ravintsara also makes a valuable component to a relaxing massage, targeting muscles that feel spent. Speaking of relaxation, swirl a drop or two of Ravintsara into a soothing Epsom salt bath and sink yourself in to promote feelings of easier breathing. Use Ravintsara to support your body’s readiness to ward off invaders, as it is a reliably cleansing, energizing oil. Dilute a drop of Ravintsara in Fractionated Coconut Oil, rubbing the mixture onto your chest and upper back for a soothing, supportive massage. Ravintsara delivers a breath of fresh air that can relax, energize, and protect, all at once.

Forest Cleanse

2 drops Ravintsara

2 drops Frankincense

1 drop Black Spruce

As a side note, you may encounter ravensara at some point and wonder if it’s the same tree and oil as ravintsara. The answer is no, as they are two different trees which produce distinct oils. However, you’d be right on in asking the question, since the two names are deceptively similar.

The more you learn about dōTERRA Ravintsara, which Malagasy farmers confidently declare comes from the best ravintsara in the world, the more you’ll want to reveal. Ravintsara’s eucalyptus-like scent invites us into a refreshing, clean environment that inspires us to thrive confidently where we are planted. Whenever a promotion of this exclusive oil comes your way, let yourself drink in the rainforest with green, clean Ravintsara.