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Citrus Twist, a Bottle of Sunshine

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Within this brand new bottled blend from doTERRA®, a simple twist of the cap reveals Wild Orange from Brazil or Greece, Lemongrass from India, and Litsea from China. You linger over the aroma for a moment, giving yourself time to detect Ginger, which is sourced in Madagascar, Honduras, Kenya, Tanzania or Vietnam. So many cultures, and so much sunshine, are packed into this one bottle!

Citrus Twist is a ready-made diffuser blend that has an overall aroma of sweetness and spice, leading to positive feelings of refreshment. One of the fun twists of this blend is that the oil actually smells different straight from the bottle than it does as experienced through diffusing. When you first open that bottle and bring it near your eager nose, you may find the spicy side takes over; but when diffused, citrus seems to come out on top. Give it a try both ways and see what you think. Whichever way you prefer your Citrus Twist, work in a few drops to brighten your day.

Let’s make an amazing spring mist for all of the linens in the house. Mix several drops of Citrus Twist with water in a spray bottle, then lightly mist those freshly washed linens or pillows, distributing in a wide arc across each surface. If you’re like me, a busy mom, you may sometimes find this spray to be useful before the actual washing can take place. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s needed to spread rapid refreshment throughout the house on short notice, without enough advance time to wash everything — right? One of many reasons I appreciate my doTERRA oils is their handiness in a pinch, for those last-minute situations when I want to achieve a fresh aroma but don’t necessarily have time to do all the legwork to achieve a top-to-bottom clean.

For extra citrus magic, you might diffuse Citrus Twist mixed with Lime and Spearmint. This combination feels positively tropical! For some serious workout motivation and an energy boost, diffuse with Grapefruit and Peppermint. Now we’re moving! Bright, cheery Citrus Twist is currently only available as a limited-time offer through a special promotion. In other words, we can’t just purchase a bottle anytime; so this month’s promotion is the ideal time to experience the new Citrus Twist.

Ginger oil provides the warm foundation for this blend, offering the grounding spicy notes that set it apart from other citrus blends and make it such a supportive aroma for times of transition and change. Here, Ginger shows her very soft side, not at all taking away from the cheeriness of sweet Wild Orange. The herbal aroma of Lemongrass works alongside lemony Litsea to produce the real citrusy base of the blend, although ironically, neither is technically a citrus oil! Wow, there are even more twists and turns in this blend than I had imagined.

If you’re a long-timer with doTERRA, you may have a delightful array of citrus blends swirling around in your past experiences including Citrus Bliss® and Citrus Bloom®. Citrus Twist is actually the new Citrus Bliss, the newest iteration of blended citrus aromas that’s perfect for summery enjoyment!

This diffuser blend carries depth and complexity that not all of them can rightfully claim. Citrus Twist is less traditional, but no less enticing when it comes to rejuvenating your routine. This sunshine in a bottle is a gift to help us look up, soak in that sunny warmth and goodness, and persevere. Steal a moment of the day to breathe deeply with Citrus Twist, and let the sensory experience help you take it one step at a time.